First Women's Protection Centre in Mosul offers enhanced safety and living conditions for girls and women survivors of violence
UNFPA, in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and Ninewa Governorate, proudly announces the inauguration of the Women Protection Centre in Mosul, located in the Al-Akhaa area. The opening of the Centre, constructed with support from UN-Habitat and funding from the French Government, signifies a crucial step in addressing the urgent need to enhance access to protective services for girls and wom...
UNFPA and Rudaw Media Network Launch Pioneering Progamme to Empower Women in Media
UNFPA and Rudaw Media Network have officially partnered to initiate a 12-month training programme to enrich women's experience in media and journalism across Iraq.
Green Future for Iraq - A Nationwide Tree Planting Campaign
In alignment with Iraq’s Prime Minister's vision to foster environmental sustainability, a new nationwide tree-planting campaign is set to be launched by the United Nations agencies in Iraq in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, the Mayoralty of Baghdad, the Department of Media and Information in Kurdistan Region of Iraq, and other partners. This ambitious endeavor aims to pl...

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