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2020, a pivotal year for gender equality (IWD 2020)

2020 is a pivotal year for gender equality. Around the world, countries are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the Beijing Declaration which committed all Member States, including Iraq, to taking action in order to bring about of gender equality for all.

In Iraq, years of continuous conflict, violence and displacement have wreaked havoc on the country’s infrastructure and society. Women and girls in particular are among those who have borne the heaviest burden. Many are still unable to fulfill their basic rights, including the right to education, health, safety and dignity.

For the United Nations and its partners in Iraq, including the government and civil society actors, this means that there is an imperative need to listen to women and girls and place them at the centre of decision making when it comes to comprehensive solutions to gender inequality.

On the occasion of this International Women’s Day, IOM, UNESCO, UNFPA, UN Habitat, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNMAS, UNOPS, UN Women, UNDP, and WFP want to renew their commitment to working for a better future for all girls and women in Iraq. We honour the brave women and men in Iraq who, in the face of challenges and resistance, have shown great resilience in striving for a world that is equal, fair, and free.

We are #GenerationEquality.

Happy International Women’s Day! #IWD2020 #OneUNIraq