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9 December 2021; Baghdad, Iraq - “Let’s Talk: Ending gender-based violence in Iraq” conference brought the attention of the policymakers, civil society, activities, academia, donors, and the private sector to the outstanding issues of violence against women and women’s rights in Iraq. 

Despite the progress made in Iraq, including the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, gender-based violence is still increasing in the country amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic crisis:  the situation requires new and ambitious solutions, agreed the panellists and attendees.

The event was attended by officials, donors, female activists,
young people, academia, business and media representatives.
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The dialogue between the officials, donors, female activists, young people, academia, business and media representatives highlighted the successful practices and potential new solutions for preventing any form of violence against women in society. Everybody agreed on the significant role of education and value system that forms gender sensitivity and norms among the young generation and families; men and boys engagement was mentioned as one of the key factors of eliminating gender-based violence, and a need for stronger partnership between public and private sectors when it comes to gender-based violence elimination. 

Freedom from violence will help women and girls reach their educational and professional goals; achieve economic independence; build careers, and contribute to the development of their communities and society at large.

Finding solutions to reduce and respond to gender-based violence is not only vital to the lives and well-being of women and girls, and societies, but to the successful implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals in this  Decade of Action. 

At the end of the event, participants made commitments to
change and take action within the communities. 
© 2021/UNFPA Iraq

At the end of the event, change-makers, innovators, influencers, teachers, youth leaders, as role models in the society, made commitments to change and take action within the communities.

The “Let’s Talk Conference” was conducted within the 16 Days of Activism Violence against women, creating an opportunity to bring the voices from Iraq into the global stream of conversations about rights, choices and women empowerment.

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