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The GBV Assessment in Conflict Affected Governorates in Iraq

The Report starts with the Executive Summary that presents information about organization of the Assessment
and brief account of the findings. First section of the Report, titled Background to the Assessment features the
description of goals, objectives, scope of the study, limitation of the study and its methodology. The Report’s
second section, Background to humanitarian crisis in Iraq, offers the overview of the armed conflict and
humanitarian crisis in Iraq. The section contains information on the main characteristics of GBV in Iraq and
the way it was affected by armed conflict and forced displacement. The third section of the Report, titled Main
Findings, presents the account of the key findings revealed by the Assessment. The section consists of four
sub-sections. Each sub-section presents a response to the four (4) research questions. Each sub-section starts
with specific research question, then presents the Assessment findings relevant to that particular question. The
report’s final section, titled Recommendations, features recommendations to address the gaps and challenges
identified in the course of the Assessment.
The Report includes one Addendum, which presents the connections between the risk of GBV and residence type
used by IDPs/refugees (information derived from the focus group discussions and key informant interviews).