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During 2015, the Humanitarian Country Team supported the national
effort, preparing one of the most highly prioritized appeals
launched in the region. Partners, supported generously by donors,
have worked around the clock to reach people under siege,
help newly displaced seek safety, provide life-saving support
to families at extreme risk, and deliver assistance to returnees.
Unfortunately, all indicators point to a worsening situation. Iraq,
a country devastated by years of violence and conflict, is experiencing
triple crises—a humanitarian disaster, fiscal collapse
and widespread, paralysing insecurity. Despair among Iraqis
is growing and many are deciding they have no option but to
leave their country.
The contributions of humanitarian partners will have a disproportionate
impact this year on the future of the country. Knowing
this, the Humanitarian Country Team has developed an honest
appeal. Partners are not asking for inflated funding in the hope
of receiving a portion. Needs have been assessed and the costs
of meeting these at international assistance standards calculated
at US$4.5 billion.
Recognizing the enormous security, access, capacity and funding
constraints they are facing, partners are requesting $861 million
in the 2016 Humanitarian Response Plan to help ensure that the
most vulnerable people receive the assistance they need. As was
the case last year, protection remains at the centre of the operation.
The amount being requested is not commensurate with
the overall humanitarian needs in Iraq, leaving an ethical gap
between the international standards and the packages partners
plan to deliver. The appeal does, however, accurately reflect the
absolute minimum required to help Iraqis survive the crisis.