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The Arab Region is witnessing compounded humanitarian crises, the effects of which have become catastrophic. Some of these are protracted, as in Yemen, Syria, and Libya, while others have become forgotten, as in Somalia and the Palestinian territories. Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed even more people behind safety lines to face gender-based violence and harmful practices against women and girls, who consistently bear the brunt of the challenges resulting from these crises.


In 2021, both the Syria and Yemen crises will mark their tenth years, while recent crises in Sudan, Ethiopia, and Lebanon will cause additional displacements and disruptions in community networks, placing the lives and dignity of millions of people at risk. The lingering aftermath of the humanitarian situations in Palestine, Iraq, Somalia, and Libya also continue to produce numerous and protracted challenges that require strategic responses. 


UNFPA is appealing for a total of US$ 333.5 million to support its humanitarian programmes throughout the Arab States in 2021. The funds will be allocated to meet the urgent needs of more than 65 million people across 11 countries currently responding to far-reaching and protracted humanitarian crises. 


This document provides an overview of the achievements and funding requirements for UNFPA’s various humanitarian programmes throughout the Arab Region, in addition to offering a glimpse into the strategies and priorities that will be adopted over the course of the year.