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“Changing social norms is about real-life situations and experiences, and it also involves theoretical concepts with which some people may not be familiar. These concepts are not difficult but are not yet commonly used to design programmes for addressing social and public health issues.”

To bring on the changes we hope to see in our realities, we are mainstreaming adolescent issues, amplifying the scope of its work to include younger audiences and the general public through the newest member of our family, Mariam.

Mariam is our regional digital ambassador; she is a 15 years old Arab girl who advocates for change to improve the realities for many adolescents. Mariam is here to highlight the struggles, problems, challenges, opportunities, and victories faced by adolescents and youth within the region. 

Mariam will introduce the UNFPA mandate and its related ideas, concepts, and references in a safe, educational, familiar, and human rights-based approach to  the adolescents and youth of the region .

We hope the introduction of such concepts can cause a shift in the numbers, empowering girls and women and ending harmful practices that threaten their lives.

#ANewStory #MakeitZero #AnArabGirl