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On 28 July 2019, under the patronage and attendance of His Excellency, Dr Qusay Al-Suhail, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Iraqi Statistical Association, in collaboration with UNFPA, hosted a seminar on the 25 years of ICPD, in presence of UNFPA Regional Director for the Arab States, Dr Luay Shabaneh.

Throughout the seminar, academics, experts, and demographers discussed the progress made in Iraq and the ways forward to guarantee women, youth and adolescents have access quality education and reproductive health services, including family planning, and ensure all forms of discrimination against women and girls are eliminated.

On 29 July, UNFPA and the Ministry of Planning, under the guidance and attendance of His Excellency, Minister of Planning, Dr Noori Sabah al-Dulaimi, held a conference and dinner at the PM’s Guest House to celebrate not only 25 years of the ICPD, but also World Population Day and 50 years since the establishment of UNFPA.