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6 June 2016
Press Release
Mr.Ramanathan Balakrishnan, UNFPA Representative in Iraq, during his visit to Sununi Women Center, Sinjar district, Nineveh Governorate, Northern Iraq

Supporting 5,000 Returning Families to Relieve the Impact of Crisis: UNFPA Providing Reproductive Health services and Gender Based Violence Response to Women and Girls in One of the Biggest Sub-Districts in Iraq, Sununi

Erbil, Iraq, 6 June 2016 – The United Nations Population Fund has successfully initiated its Reproductive health  services as well as its Gender Based Violence response services to support more than... Read more

16 March 2016

Global leaders launch a new programme to support women in conflict zones

UNITED NATIONS, New York – “When there is armed conflict, it is often more dangerous to be a woman than a soldier,” said Susana Camarero Benitez, Spain’s Secretary of State for Equality and Social... Read more

16 July 2015

“Hosting a bigger family”: Displaced Iraqis come together for Ramadan

DIYALA, Iraq – More than three million people have been displaced by the violence engulfing Iraq. Amid the persistent insecurity, and the loss of lives, homes and jobs, Iraqi families are observing... Read more

29 April 2015

After flight from Syria, refugee women in Iraq find safety, support

ERBIL, Iraq – When 39-year-old Asma crossed the border from Syria into Iraq, all she could think about was the son she was leaving behind. “It was the worst day of my life – worse than all the... Read more

20 February 2015

Fierce winter weather batters displaced Syrians throughout region

BEIRUT/DAMASCUS/ERBIL/ZAATARI – Fierce winter weather continues to batter displaced populations in the Middle East, crippling transportation and interrupting vital services. “A bullet to the chest... Read more

11 December 2014

Displaced Iraqi health workers empowered to serve community

ERBIL, Iraq – Dr. Suhair Abdul Alghffar, an obstetrician working in Iraq, thoroughly understands the risks and rigors of pregnancy. She also understands the misery of her patients, having essentially... Read more

28 October 2014

Dignity kits meet hygiene needs of displaced women and girls in Iraq

DUHOK, Iraq – In crisis situations, the needs for shelter, food and security are rightly given urgent attention. Yet the specific needs of women and girls are too often overlooked. Some 1.8 million... Read more

2 October 2014
Press Release

Safe delivery services come to Domiz refugee camp, Iraq

DUHOK, Iraq – "The clinic is always crowded," said Lava Abdul Rahman, a gynaecologist at the UNFPA maternity clinic in Domiz, a refugee camp in northern Iraq. Each day, between 30 and 35 pregnant... Read more

11 September 2014

Pregnant women forced to flee escalating crisis in Iraq

DUHOK, Iraq - With hostilities nearing her village in northern Iraq, 30-year-old Khawla had little choice but to flee - while she was eight months pregnant. It was a day her family had been dreading... Read more

26 August 2014

Serving Syrian refugee women amid Iraq's escalating crisis

AMMAN/NEW YORK - Over 200,000 Syrian refugees are living in Iraq, having escaped the four-year-long conflict in their homeland. Yet for some, the move offers little respite from crisis: A UNFPA... Read more