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Snapshot | Japanese support to UNFPA (April 19- March 20)

Documenting the Japanese funding to UNFPA under the title: provision of emergency reproductive health and gender-based violence response services to IDP, refugee and returnee women in Iraq. This snapshot covered the...

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Snapshot | Women with disabilities in Iraq

In Iraq, 10% of the population live with one or more disabilities. Among those, close to 2 million are women of reproductive age.  In the last quarter of 2020, UNFPA launched its initiative to support women with...

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GBVIMS narrative report of 2020

Key highlights: Majority of the incidents are reported by married, female, adult survivors, and are mostly perpetrated by the spouse at home. Decreasing trend of incidents reported by the IDPs vis-à-vis the increasing...

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National Family Planning Strategy (2021-2025)

Global evidence shows that access to contraceptives allows couples and individuals to make an informed decision about a family formation,  when and how many children to have. These decisions empower women, enhance...

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Family Planning: National handbook for service providers

The National handbook on family planning provides technical support to service providers at primary health care clinics and hospitals, offering them the most updated and effective practices based on the human rights ...

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