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UNFPA Iraq COVID-19 Response Plan

The COVID- 19 pandemic constitutes the largest global public health crisis in a century, with daunting public health and socioeconomic challenges. Governments all around the world are taking unprecedented measures to...

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Y-Peer booklet on COVID-19 prevention

Young people represent a valuable resource and network during crises and public health emergencies. YPeer with the support of UNFPA and funding from the Canadian Government., prepared guidelines for young men and women...

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Open letter from the Regional Directors of UNDP, UNWOMEN, UNFPA and ESCWA in the Arab States Region to Governments in the region

The Arab States are host to large numbers of refugees and internally displaced persons as well as vulnerable women migrant workers. Women and girls in these settings face multiple burdens and risks in accessing...

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UNFPA Iraq Country Programme Document (2020-2024)

The proposed country programme was developed in consultation with the Government, United Nations agencies, development partners, human rights institutions and civil society organizations; it is in line with the...

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Female Genital Mutilation COMBI Plan for KRI 2019-2020

In Iraq, with the support of the European Regional Development and Protection Programme for Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq (RDPP), UNFPA and KHCWA developed a communication for behavioural impact plan for this purpose. The...

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