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Executive Summary: The Assessment of the Needs of & Services Provided to GBV Survivors in Iraq

The Survivors Needs’ Assessment aims at evaluating the multi-sectoral needs of the GBV survivors, including harmful traditional practices, the nature and capacity of services available and the barriers reported in accessing those services.

The study focuses on the survivors’ needs amongst the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), refugees, returnees and host communities while engaging GBV survivors, case managers, humanitarian actors, and government institutions.

The assessment relied on both quantitative and qualitative tools for data collection, and analysis through interviews with survivors, case managers and Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) held with the humanitarian actors and relevant government institutions.

To gain a much deeper understanding of the survivors’ needs and the services provided, key experts were interviews. These interviews offered strategic direction which constituted the foundations for the recommendations and findings of this report.

This assessment of the needs of the gender-based violence survivors and services provided to them was conducted in 11 governorates across Iraq under the technical guidance of UNFPA in Iraq and in collaboration with partners including Government ministries and entities, UN agencies, local and international organisations working on GBV prevention, mitigation and response services